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5 out of 5 stars based on 42 reviews.

Patient Review by Vanessa D

I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Sheppard. Almost a painless extraction did not know teeth were pulled, just amazing for a dentist. Anyone looking for a great dentist please call him, no worries for me now about getting a tooth pulled going forward I have found a diamond in the rough of dentistry. Truly Blessed that I was able to find him on google search. I am really in aww after my extraction Thank You

- Vanessa D

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Patient Review by Raymond W

Dr. Sheppard and his staff are the best! I had a fixed bridge removed, a surgical extraction of one tooth, bone graft and a dental implant all on the same day. From Christina on the scheduling desk to Rosa on the insurance desk, things started the right way. Rachel is a fantastic Surgical Assistant. She is a major component in making this as pleasant of an experience as possible. Dr. Sheppard was the best Oral Surgeon I have had in almost 64 years. Everyone I interacted with in Dr. Sheppard's office was a true professional. I was quoted a price during my first consultation and that price stayed, no hidden costs. I was told exactly what to expect during the procedures and during the follow up and that is how things happened. I had zero surprises throughout this entire process. Dr. Sheppard is not a $99.00, 8-hour miracle mouth makeover office. If that is what you want, he is not your man. He is worth what he charges and does what he says he will do. I had a bad experience with another Oral Surgeon right around the corner from my dentist a few years ago. When told I needed surgery again, I refused to return to that surgeon. My Dentist then referred me to Dr. Sheppard, about 9 miles away. That was the best possible thing that could have happened. I was a little apprehensive until I met the staff that would be taking care of me. They put me at ease immediately. I hope I don't need an Oral Surgeon again but if I do I will be calling Dr. Sheppard's team. GREAT TEAM! THANK YOU!

- Raymond W

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Patient Review by Marita P

Most people have to work to pay bills however their are very few people who love there jobs and do them well, Dr. Michael Sheppard and his staff are those people. You can tell Dr. Sheppard is a good boss his staff members are always happy.

- Marita P

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Patient Review by Myranna M

The Staff at Center for Oral Surgery have went above & beyond to make me feel comfortable. They were very attentive to all my needs. Their customer service along with clinical experience have made me a life long patient. Thank You!! Dr. Sheppard & Staff!!

- Myranna M

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Patient Review by Pat H

Dr. Shepherd and staff are great I would definitely recommend

- Pat H

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Patient Review by Karl C

This was my first oral surgery and it was a great experience! They knocked me out; next thing I know the teeth were out and I was sent home with everything I needed to heal properly. Dr. Sheppard is awesome and such a professional. My nurse and everyone on staff was very kind and helpful.

- Karl C

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Patient Review by Robert H

I have always felt at ease during procedures. The care and concern Dr. Shepard has shown me during several procedures makes it easy to recommend him to my friends and family.

- Robert H

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Patient Review by Ellis S

Thank you Dr. Sheppard and Shelby for making my experience a great one. I will definitely be referring everyone I know and people I don't to to you all.

- Ellis S

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Patient Review by Ron J

Rachel, Monica, and Christina! These ladies have really influenced positivity throughout my visits. They are very personable, humorous, and helpful! Throughout all of my medical visits in life they have shown the best customer service. Also want to give a shout out to Dr. Sheppard for being amazing and performing the surgery as well! Major Thanks!

- Ron J

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Patient Review by Moreno A

A physicians bio may sometimes be grander than the actual health care provided. With Dr. Sheppard the "audio is supplanted by the video". I have had two surgical procedures performed by Dr. Sheppard - a tooth extraction and two implants. For both procedures the pre-surgery, surgery, and post surgery procedures were executed precisely as Dr. Sheppard detailed during my pre procedure counseling. The added bonus was minimal pain and rapid recovery from both procedures. Clearly the experience and credentials listed in his bio were not only demonstrated and validated during all phases of my oral surgery experiences, but built on and exceeded. Further, he has two fantastic surgical assistants that truly reflect the culture of excellence of his practice - Bri and Rachel. For my experiences, Rachel is the standout. Thank you Dr. Rudd (my Family Dentist) for referring me to Dr. Sheppard, and finally, Thank you Dr. Sheppard for providing the world class health care most patients long for. You are par excellence. Moreno

- Moreno A

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Patient Review by Darren D

Two different extractions in 2018, very smooth, no issues. Pain med prescribed was not needed for either extraction. Highly recommend Dr. Sheppard (and staff).

- Darren D

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Patient Review by Josh S

The staff and Dr at Center for Oral and Dental Surgery on 157 in North Mansfield were great! I had my four wisdom teeth extracted and the procedure went great. I was little nervous, but the staff did a great job of easing my anxiety prior to the procedure, everyone was very friendly, professional and they were very upfront about billing and payments. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone having to have oral surgery.

- Josh S

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Patient Review by Kimberly S

This is my second time being a patient at the Center for Oral & Dental Implant Surgery. I’ve had a total of 3 wisdom teeth extracted between my two visits. The staff is very warm and friendly, I especially enjoyed Ashley, one of the surgical assistants. She made you feel very relaxed. Dr. Sheppard is an amazing surgeon and hopefully I don’t have to get another tooth pulled but if I do, I’ll definitely come back again!

- Kimberly S

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Patient Review by Levi V

I am working in a clinic as well and i thought our clinic is very good but i was so impressed by this clinic on how efficient each and everyone on their own tasks, everyone is always smiling and accommodating.

- Levi V

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Patient Review by Virginia S

They take great care of their patients.

- Virginia S

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Patient Review by Sharla H

Was one of the most pleasant Dr.'s visits me & my sons have ever experienced!! Staff was very sweet, helpful, & informative!! Will for sure recommend!

- Sharla H

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Patient Review by Elliott Q

Even if it is for the betterment of your health, tooth extractions are never fun. But the quick and friendly staff made it as quick and painless of an experience as possible.

- Elliott Q

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Patient Review by Tammy M

Had a great experience!

- Tammy M

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Patient Review by Mary H

Everything went smooth and painless from start to finish. Dr. Sheppard and his staff were not only very professional, but also, very caring! I was explained each step that would be taking place, which I appreciated. As soon as I walked in the office, I was acknowledged by name. I was recommended by a friend and I will recommend Dr. Sheppard to everyone I know that is in need of their services.

- Mary H

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Patient Review by Kathy G

Dr. Sheppard and his staff are so knowledgeable, professional and extremely nice. Now, he has performed oral surgery on two of my children. Highly recommend him.

- Kathy G

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