Impacted Wisdom Teeth

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Third molars are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. They are usually the last teeth to develop and are located in the back of your mouth, behind your second molars. Their development is usually completed between the middle teenage years and early twenties, a time traditionally associated with the onset of maturity and the attainment of wisdom.

What Is An Impacted Tooth?

Although most people develop and grow 32 permanent adult teeth, many times their jaws are too small to accommodate the four wisdom teeth. When inadequate space prevents the teeth from erupting they are called impacted. This indicates their inability to erupt into the proper position for chewing and cleaning.

Examples of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Mouth X-ray showing teeth impaction and digital graphic highlighting impacted teeth

Types Of Tooth Impactions

We will need to see you for a consultation to determine if you will benefit from wisdom tooth removal. A special x-ray of your mouth and jaws (panorex) will be taken to determine if your wisdom teeth are impacted if there is room for them to erupt, and how difficult it will be to have them removed.

  • Soft Tissue Impaction: There is not enough room to allow the gum tissue to retract for adequate cleaning of the tooth.
  • Partial Bony Impaction: There is enough space to allow the wisdom tooth to partially erupt. However, the tooth cannot function properly in the chewing process and creates cleaning problems, among others.
  • Complete Bony Impaction: There is NO space for the tooth to erupt. It remains embedded in the jaw bone or if even partially visible requires complex surgical techniques for removal. The impacted wisdom tooth may also be in an unusual position and difficult to remove. This situation can also arise when the shape or size of the jaw bone and other facial structures make the removal of this tooth significantly more complex.
Wisdom tooth with a soft tissue impactionSoft Tissue
Wisdom tooth with a partial bony impactionPartial Bony
Wisdom tooth completely impacted by boneComplete Bony

After Wisdom Teeth removal

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Patient Review by Pat H

Dr. Shepherd and staff are great I would definitely recommend

- Pat H

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Patient Review by Karl C

This was my first oral surgery and it was a great experience! They knocked me out; next thing I know the teeth were out and I was sent home with everything I needed to heal properly. Dr. Sheppard is awesome and such a professional. My nurse and everyone on staff was very kind and helpful.

- Karl C

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Thank you Dr. Sheppard and Shelby for making my experience a great one. I will definitely be referring everyone I know and people I don't to to you all.

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Rachel, Monica, and Christina! These ladies have really influenced positivity throughout my visits. They are very personable, humorous, and helpful! Throughout all of my medical visits in life they have shown the best customer service. Also want to give a shout out to Dr. Sheppard for being amazing and performing the surgery as well! Major Thanks!

- Ron J

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Patient Review by Josh S

The staff and Dr at Center for Oral and Dental Surgery on 157 in North Mansfield were great! I had my four wisdom teeth extracted and the procedure went great. I was little nervous, but the staff did a great job of easing my anxiety prior to the procedure, everyone was very friendly, professional and they were very upfront about billing and payments. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone having to have oral surgery.

- Josh S

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Patient Review by Kimberly S

This is my second time being a patient at the Center for Oral & Dental Implant Surgery. I’ve had a total of 3 wisdom teeth extracted between my two visits. The staff is very warm and friendly, I especially enjoyed Ashley, one of the surgical assistants. She made you feel very relaxed. Dr. Sheppard is an amazing surgeon and hopefully I don’t have to get another tooth pulled but if I do, I’ll definitely come back again!

- Kimberly S

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Patient Review by Sharla H

Was one of the most pleasant Dr.'s visits me & my sons have ever experienced!! Staff was very sweet, helpful, & informative!! Will for sure recommend!

- Sharla H

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Dr. Sheppard and his staff are so knowledgeable, professional and extremely nice. Now, he has performed oral surgery on two of my children. Highly recommend him.

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Very nice experience!

- Keyona T

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Overall my experience with this office was outstanding. I have referred several of my co-workers as well as my family and they have all been impressed with the professionalism and care they received from Dr. Sheppard and staff........

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Patient Review by David K

Had a wisdom tooth removed. It was over before I even knew they started. Very happy with staff and procedure. Highly recommended

- David K

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Very fun crew, the procedure was easy and minimal pain for tooth extraction, I would definitely go here again!

- Dylan B

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Staff was very polite and professional. Couldn't have asked for a better experience taking in to consideration the reason for my visit. Lol

- Robert V

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I had 3 wisdom teeth out this morning. I opted for local anesthetic, due to heart issues. I had been worried leading up to the procedure that it would be painful, or uncomfortable, I can honestly say it was one of the most pleasant procedures I've ever had! Doctor Shepherd was very fast and the whole experience was painless. I truly couldn't be more impressed. Thank you guys!

- Andrew S

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Great doctors and staff! Thank you!

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